Our Mission

Helping Sikh community the world over to have the finest Guru Darshan experience in Pakistan

Our story

Who Are We

We are a couple of Pakistanis who moved overseas to start a new life. This venture of getting settled in a foreign land gave us numerous exciting opportunities to make new friends, learn about diverse cultures, beliefs, customs & religions.

New Friendships

Originally hailing from Punjab province in Pakistan, we were, almost always, able to form a cordial bond with our Sikh classmates & colleagues, big thanks to our common Punjabi language, and understanding of each other's values.

Problem Realisation

From our Sikh friends, we learned that only a small number of people visit Pakistan for Yatra, mainly because of the volatile situation between India & Pakistan, and dearth of online platforms for pilgrims to make arrangement for their visits.

How We Relate

Us being Muslims, visiting cities of Makkah & Medina is one of the most fulfilling, prestigious & soulful experience. Not able to go there would leave a void in our lives.

What's Changed

Pakistan opened Kartarpur corridor to facilitate Sikh Yatrees, and softened passport & visa restrictions. These steps are welcomed by Sikh communities throughout the world.

Our Cause

We want to help our Sikh friends, along with their friends & families to fill this void in their lives, by enabling them to experience a smooth and stress-free Yatra in Pakistan.

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